Application notice for sport synthetic grass


During the daily use of the sport synthetic grass, for extending its service life, here are some matters need attention.

  1. 5mm or over 5mm spiked shoes are prohibited to do strenuous exercise on the turf. (including high-heeled shoes).
  2. All motor vehicles are prohibited to drive on the turf.
  3. Weight are prohibited to press on the turf in long time.
  4. All high-sink-sports, like shot sport, javelin, discus throw are probibited on the turf.
  5. Oil pollution damage is prohibited.
  6. Sport field is prohibited to use when it is snowing until the snow on the surface is cleaned.
  7. All rubbish like gum are prohibited to throw on the turf.
  8. No burning on the turf.
  9. Corrosive fluid are prohibited to use on the turf.
  10. Sugared beverages are prohibited to take into the field.
  11. Destructively pull the yarn is probited.
  12. Edged tools are prohibited to damage the backing of the turf.

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